Do you love swimming and want to enjoy swimming in autumn? Do you feel like pool water is too cold? Well, you can easily warm up your pool with the use of pool heaters. In this article, we will have a look at the three most famous and fantastic pool heaters of 2021. Stick to this article, and don’t skip from anywhere. Let’s get started!

Hayward W3HP21104T Swimming Pool Heat Pump Heater:

The popular and powerful Hayward HeatPro Pump is best for pool heating. This pool heater is designed for powerful and quiet performance and includes titanium heater rate exchangers, which provide high resistance against corrosion and rust.


The Hayward HeatPro catches the pool owner’s attention because of its quiet work. The noise and wind resistance are reduced because of the scroll compressor with profiled fan blades and an acoustic compressor cover. Pool owners who want to enjoy live chat with their family and friends and want a quiet environment know that this pool heater will not disappoint them with the noising operation.


The Hayward HeatPro has a heating power of 140,000 BTU and so earned considerable acclaim for its ability to rapidly raise the temperature of the pool and increase the swimming seasons. This pool heater can easily increase the pool’s temperature by 15 degrees in at most one day or two. Maybe it has a high price than other pool heaters, but it worth it for its quiet operation and efficient and reliable heating.

Hayward H-Series Propane Above Ground Pool Heater

Do you own an above-ground pool? Well, Hayward H-Series Propane is recommended for these pools and designed especially for this purpose. The configuration of the Hayward swimming above ground pool heater is provided in both propane and natural gas. Through these heaters, your pool temperature will rise in just a few hours.


This pool heater is only 2 feet long and has 21 inches of slim profile. An electric cord of 120V power is connected with a standard outlet and is easy to customize. A unique induced drafts technology makes sure that the unit is workable even under high windy weather.


Many consumers are pleased with the above-ground pool heater performance, but some notify that the unit has malfunctioned after the initial one-year warranty expiration. The Hayward H100ID1 works best for the 450 square feet (or less) above-ground pools.

Ecosmart US SMART POOL 27 Electric Tankless Pool Heater

Are you short of natural gas line or don’t want to bother propane for your pool heater? Well! The Smart Swimming Pool series by EcoSmart will be the best option for such problems. We can also call these tankless pool heaters. Their space-saving design is considered as another significant benefit; it makes them best for small and large pools. They provide efficient and fast pool heating (pools up to 15,000 gallons).


If you choose an electric pole heater, consider the voltage required to install the heater safely and correctly. The Smart Swimming Pool heaters need assistance from an electric panel of 200 amp; you must attach it with two to three breakers of 50 amp (it is based on the model you are using). This power means that it can generate heat rapidly. The manufacturer reports that it can increase the temperature of 15,000-gallon pool water to 10 degrees in only 13.5 hours.


Happy customers usually describe that Smart Poll electric heaters as silent and small units. It is famous because it is easy to use and has a compact design. The digital control panel permits you to adjust the pool temperature you want. Although some users criticize long-term reliability after the first few years of use, others immediately say that it is an economical choice for an electric pool heater that pumps heat pumps for so long.

The best thing about is summer is to swim in a pool on a warm sunny day. To escape the heat, the best way is to swim around. In September, the heat is not much severe. But it is not to say that you should shut the pool down for the season. You can quickly warm up the pool. But are you worried that heating a pool is expensive? Well, don’t worry because, in this article, we have discussed some ways to warm up your pool without spending a massive amount of money.

When the summer heat is gone, it’s the best feeling to swim in a hot water pool in autumn. But it can be a bit expensive. The average price for pool heating depends on the pool’s size, which can range from $300 per month to $1,000 per month. But no need to get worried because there are many cheap ways for pool heating. Without any delay, let us discuss five of them!

1.  Make use of a solar cover:

A solar cover is a very economical way to retain heat in a swimming pool. Evaporation is the leading cause of heat loss in a pool. Because of the heat increase, the warm water in the pool rises to the top and vaporizes in the air. This mostly happens in the daytime as in the day the pool is right under the sun. The solar cover serves as a protective cover and is developed to lessen evaporation and absorb solar heat. The buying cost may differ according to the pool size, but it is not breaking the banks.

2.  Spend money on Solar Sun Rings:

The working of the solar covers and the solar sun rings is almost the same. It’s up to you whether you want to have a complete cover on the entire pool top or want more than one small ring that you can quickly move around. Sun rings, like solar covers, help prevent evaporation and assist in pool heating via solar heat. You can move around the solar rings on the pool top. Furthermore, solar rings are easier to use than the solar covers that fit perfectly on the pool. 

3.  Try a Liquid Solar Pool cover:

Like the solar cover and solar rings, the liquid solar pool cover operates to avoid evaporation and, as a result, helps in preventing heat loss. It is a liquid added to the pool; it generates a hidden liquid barrier that stays on the water top. The heat loss is reduced because of less evaporation due to the liquid layer. The liquid is biodegradable and has no harmful chemicals; it is completely safe for swimming. However, if your pool is located in a windy area, it is not good because the liquid seal got broken by the wind.

4.  Take off a Pool heat pump:

It is perfect for investing in a pool heat pump. The pool heat pump pulls the atmosphere’s hot air and uses that hot air for pool heating via a low energy process. The heat from the air is bought and transferred to the pool by this process. This way, the pool will be warmer than before. Furthermore, the pool heat pump does not depend on the sun but the atmosphere’s temperature. The efficiency of a pool heat pump is not affected by the solar rays.

5.  Merge a pool heat pump and a solar cover:

This method may be a little expensive, but it is the most effective way to keep your pool warm. Combine a pool heat pump with solar rings or solar cover and see that your pool will remain to warm as long as you want. The solar heaters deal with sunny days, and the pool heat pump covers the cloud weather. In this way, a little cost is used for warming the pool for a long time. For more information please visit us at


Thank you and Happy Swimming!